Hello everybody, let me to introduce my self. my name is Annisa Rachmawati. you can call me Annisa or nisa but my friend have so many name for me like nesa, rachma, chibi and also wati. haah, so many names for me. i am flexible person. whatever they call me but if the name is very annoyed and unwell. i will never say hay and informed their about every name has meaning. forget about my name. so, continue to my live. i was born in Bekasi expecially at Mitra, Bekasi Barat' Hospital. since i was born until i was 17 years old, i live in Bekasi. from 18 years old until right now, i lived in Tembalang for study. i got diponegoro university at public health.i have two brother, my brother study at bandung and only me who studied in tembalang. my strength is too much but i have a weekness. sometimes i like procastinator. usually i have done my task one day before deadline. at this moment, i got many idea. maybe, many people called it as miracle and simbolized as "the power of kepepet" haha. another that, usually i feel like " demam panggung" when i was in front of people. i don"t have many self confident.
and this is about me, for further information. lets check, my blog anytime..